Singapore huleng JD Jade Rasif in David Beckham ih tlawmngaizia a rel

Leitlun mipi ih theih hlawh zettu bawhlung sitthiam, pa khantling le hmeltha, international brand ambassador lar David Beckham cu Singapore ah a feh.

Plenty of people go to Adidas Orchard outlet to see Beckham despite no meet-&-greet - Mothership.SG - News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Hihi Adidas ih tawlrelnak in a si ih June 17 ah ‘We Got This Tlak Show 2.0’ timi titinuam thurelkhawmnak ah a tel.

Hi tititlangnak ahhin Singapore bawhlung sitthiam Ikhsan Fandi, huleng JD Jade Rasif le Christabel Chua@bellywellyjelly an si ih caankaitu (host) cu 987 JD Joakim Gomez a si thung.

May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoor

Huleng Jade Rasif cun David Beckham ih cangvaih dan a uar zet thu a Instagram ah hitin a ngan. “Stage thianfai a si tikah hnatuantu pakhat cu tohkham pawl a thawn rero.

Cumi cu David Beckham in a hmuh tikah a va pan. David Beckham a suah lai ka hmuh tikah ka zoh thlun vivo ih anih cun tohkham pawl a va thiar bawm cu teh,” tiah a ngan.

David Beckham helped staff move furniture and took photos with everyone in the room - Jade Rasif - Wake Up Singapore

Adidas ih tawlrelmi titi thunuam relnak ahhin mipi thawn tonaw dingin caan an tuaksak lo ih room sungih um vial lawngin an zukpi men.

David Beckham hin a hlanah cun mipi thawn tonawk a remcan lo ding thu Adidas Singapore cun social media ah an thlah ko.

Asinan David Beckham tong duh ih ratu mipi 250 hrawng cun Store room lenglam ihsin an rak bawh, ti a si.

David Beckham caused a fever because he stayed to clean up tables and chairs after the

Curuangah David Beckham cu lengah a va pawtsuak thotho ih mipi pawl cu cibaibuknak le thazang pe in lungawithu a va sim thotho, tiah an sim.

dj rasif - Reddit post and comment search - SocialGrep


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