Sibawi pakhat thawnginn ihsin suah a si nan, Gate ah an kaisal

Thawnginn ihsin suah a si nan, thawnginn suahkaa ah an kaisal.

Independence Day amnesty, Experts criticize junta's increased military budget – DVB

Tanintharyi ramthen, Myeik thawnginn ihsin mani January 4 ahkhan thawngtla 80 lenglo suah an si ih cumi ah ramthukhel thawngtla Dr. Min Htet Paing khal a tel.

Asinan Dr. Min Htet Paing cu thawnginn suahkaa (Gate) hmai a thlenzawng ah an kaisal, tiah theih a si.

Dr. Min Htet Paing hi Myeik senpi sizung ih hnatuan a si ih a Facebook ah thuthang dik lo a thlah ih thahrum suah ih cangvaihnak tha a pe, tiin SAC ralhrang in 2021, April ah an kai. Section 505 (a) an orhter in kum 3 thawngtla dingin daan an tat.

Mani January 4, Myanmar Independence Day ah SAC ralhrang in ram pumhuap in thawngtla 7012 a suah ih cumi ah a tel.

Asinan, thawnginn gate hmaiah an kaisal.

James Fernandez on Twitter: "Myeik, Tanintharyi Region: Apr 9 Dr. Min Htet Paing & Ko Sithu Win (Asst. Doctor) from Myeik Hospital were abducted by Terrorists (#Myanmar security forces) on Apr 9

Amah thawn an suahtlangmi ramthukhel thawngtla pakhat cun, “thawnginn hmaiah an kaisal ih thubuai dangah hnawihnihawknak a nei, tiah an kai. Ziang thubuai dang orhter hai pei maw,” tiah a sim.

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