SAC ralhrang in CNA Camp tlunvan ihsin do dingah ral an relmi zuk thangsuak

Chin National Front/Chin National Army (CNF/CNA) ih Headquarters Camp Victoria umnak cu SAC ralhrang in tlunvan lam ihsin do an tum ih a thuptei’ ral an relnak le an hmuitinmi cazin zuk pawl cu social media ah a thangsuak tiah The Mindat Post thuthang cun a tarlang.

May be an image of map, outdoors and text

Cui’ zuk pawl cu Chin Human Right Organization (CHRO) in an Twitter cahmai ah an tarlangmi a si. Cui zuk pawl ahcun Google map, ralkap hmanmi map, hliakhlaitu vanzam ihsin zukmi Camp Victoria umnak hmunram number thawn langternak zuk pawl a tel.

Cuvek thotho in tlunvan lamih an do tikah thupi deuh ah ret ih a sangsangten an kah dingmi English cafang thawn khihhmuhnak tuahmi zuk pawl khal a tel tiah hmuh a si.

Mani November 7 ah SAC ralhrang cun Hakha le Thantlang ritawknak Timit ram cu tlunvan lam ihsin donak an nei zo.

May be an image of text that says 'ChinHumanRightsOrg Leaked secret inte shows junta' S plan for air raid on CNF Hqrs with clearly marked targets of coordinates of Camp Victoria amid fresh multiple airstrikes on frontline resistance positions outside the besieged Chin State capital yesterday, as helicopters & aircraft patrol the sky SO(CCA) ၁၃(C၂၁၄(A) လျှို့ဝှက် ဌာနချုပ် ပစ်မှတ်စ RcOး ပတ်ဝန်းကျ'

A liam ciami November 1 le 2 ni khalah SAC vanzam pawl cu Thantlang peng le Chin National Army headquarters Camp Victoria kiangkapah an zam rero tiah theih a si.
May be an image of map and text

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