SAC ralhrang ih kaihmi Rual Cung a thuhla theih a si lo

October 12 ih Hakha peng Hniarlawnthar ah SAC ralhrang le CNA/CDF kahawk tumih SAC ralhrang ih an kaihmi Rual Cung kum 24 mi cu tuni tiang a thuhla theih a si nawn lo ruangah a innsang lam an thlaphang zet, tiah The Hakha Times in a tarlang.

“Hniarlawnthar kah doawknak ahkhan an kaih sualmi a si. A rualpi 4 hi cu sakhan ah an ret zo. Anih Rual Cung lawngte tuni tiang khuitawkah an ret ti theih a si lo ih kan thinhar tuk. A hmutu siseh a umnak theitu nan um asile zangfahten himi phone number 09-442001015 ah in pehtlaih hram uh,” tiah a innsang mi pakhatin The Hakha Times a sim.

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Hi Hniarlawnthar kah doawknak ah SAC ralhrang lam mi 5 an thi ih khuami minung 5 an kai. Cumi lakah Rual Cung a tel ve.

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