Ralhrang sung thuthup a putsuak ruangah ralbawi pawl thuhla an zoihnit

Mon ramkulh sungih SAC ralhrang kuttang zung pawl ih sungthu le ralrel dan thuthup a putdarh ruangah SAC ralhrang cun thuhla hliakhlai dingin committee a din ih zung tinkim hotu pawl kokhawm tahrat in thuhla zoihnitnak an nei, tiah theih a si.

Atufang ramsung buainak thawn pehparaw in ralhrang sung thuthup, tualsung thuthup le hmailam an cangvaih dan ding thuthup pawl SAC ralhrang cun peng tinah thusuahnak ca a kuat.

Hi an thusuah pawl cu a zate rori ih media, NUG le PDF pawl hnenah a thleng thluh, tiah SAC ralhrang cun an thei.

Curuangah ramkulh SAC ralhrang kuttang ih hotu pawl kokhawm in peng tinah thuhla zingzoi dingin an timtuah rero, tiah theih a si.

Thuthup thehdarhtu pawl cu an kaih ngah asile rampi thuthup buar hremnak daan sirhsan in thubuai tuahsak ding an si, tiah hrinhronak an nei.

SAC ralhrang in thuthup putsuakmi hliakhlai dingin ralhrang lam ihsin Captain, Major le zung hnatuantu mi 10 pawl telnak committee a dinter ih peng tinah zoihnitnak an nei rero zo, tiah theih a si.

SAC ralhrang hin ramsung ramkulh le ramthen hnenah thupek siseh, thusuah siseh a thupthiar thei bikin a nei theu ih khui hmanah pawtsuak lo dingin a cahfak theu nan, a putdarh thotho theu. Curuangah cahnah si nawn loin phone in thupek a suah thlang, tiah theih a si.

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