Ralhrang in kut ṭha lo, zaithiam Paing Thet Kyaw cu kum 3 thawngtla dingin daantat

Myanmar zaithiam Kawl hlapi sak theutu Paing Thet Kyaw cu hna khunghar tuan le kum 3 thawngtla dingin SAC ralhrang thuthennak in June thla ah daantatnak a nei.

No description available.

Zaithiam Paing Thet Kyaw hi CDM pawl a bawm tiin thubuai section 50(J) in SAC ralhrang in thubuai an orhtermi a si.

Amah hi kut bul a si ruangah ngaihtuah a um zet ih Myanmar Awnmawi Pawlkom (Myanmar Music Association) in ngaidam dilsaknak an nei.

Cu lawng hman si loin a nu le Kawl hlapi a sakpimi pawl khalin a hlanah ngaidam dilnak ca thuthennak zung ah an thehlut dah zo.

Zaithiam Paing Thet Kyaw cu Innsein thawnginn ah khum a si ih hna khunghar le kum 3 thawngtla dingin daantatmi a si.

No description available.

Anih hi CDM a bawm tiin 2022, March thla ah an kaihmi a si ih 2022, June thla ah daantatnak a tong lohli.


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