Ralhrang hotu in a nau le 8 a kap that ih amah khal a tlanhlo

Kachin ramkulh, Myitkyina peng, Pyi Taung khua, No. 7 ralhrang training-nak tlawng ah ralhrang officer Aung Than cun ralhrang 8 a kap ih meithal 2 la in amah cu a tlanhlo, tiah ralhrang sung thuthup theih a si.

The Coup And The Crisis In Myanmar – The Organization for World Peace

June 6 ah Northern Regional Military Headquarters ih hotu pawl cun No.7 ralhrang training peknak tlawng cekfelnak an neih tikah ralhrang 10 cu rittheih sivai an tham, zu an in, tiah an hmusuak.

Curuangah training pe theu Aung Than an ko ih an mawhthluk. Cuti an mawhthluk ruangah a kuthnuai ralhrang pawl cu simlam ah a kokhawm ih a kawk ciamco hnuah a kap hai. Ralhrang 6 a hmunah an thi ih 2 cu sizung an thlen hnuah an thi. Ralhrang 2 lawngte an luat, tiah theih a si.

“Pyi Taung ih training kainak hmun ahhin ralhrang pawl duty an tuahnak hmunah zu an ri. Rittheih sivai khal nasaten an tham. Tlunlam hotu pawl ra in cekfelnak an ra neih tikah an hotu Aung Than an ko ih a nau le aiah amah riangri nunsim a tong. Cumi ngaih loin officer Aung Than cun a nau le 10 dintlarter ih a kap hai.

Ralhrang 6 a hmunah an thi. 2 sizung ah an thi. 2 lawngte an tlansuak man. A kaptu Aung Than cun pistol 1, meithal sau pakhat la in a tlanhlo,” tiah theih a si.

Myanmar junta, ousted government fight for recognition at top U.N. court | Reuters

Kah thatmi ralhrang 8 pawl ih ruak cu ralhrang dang pawl in an vuiliam zo.

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