Pawlkom zate telkimnak ramthukhel thurelkhawmnak nei dingin PPST zuam

Government officials, members of ethnic rebel groups and international witnesses pose for a picture after the signing ceremony of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) in Naypyitaw, Myanmar October 15, 2015. Myanmar's government and eight armed ethnic groups signed a ceasefire agreement on Thursday, the culmination of more than two years of negotiations aimed at bringing an end to the majority of the country's long-running conflicts. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

Myanmar ramsung buainak lansuak thei dingin pawlkom zate telkim theinak ramthukhel tonkhawmnak cangsuak dingin kahcawlhnak ih hminkhentu tlangpar hriamhrei kai pawl thawn dinmi Peace Process Steering Team (PPST) cun zuam a tum thu, thu a suah.

NCA-S EAOs decide to hold summit in Naypyidaw | Burma News International

PPST ih thuphuangttu Colonel စောကျော်ညွန့် cun, “Himi thu ah SAC cun vangkau zetin a tawlrel thei lo. Pawlkom pakhat teten a ko ih ramsung buainak ziaumter ding lawng a zuam.

Kannih cun kapthat lawngih sawmnak men si loin kan zate telkhawmnak le neitu dinhmun ih kan tel theinak tonkhawmnak lawng kan duh,” tiah a sim.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets members of Peace Process Steering Team- PPST led by Chairman of Karen National Union (KNU) Saw Mutu Sae Poe » Senior General Min Aung Hlaing

Pawlkom zate telkimnak ihsin ramthukhel buainak pawl lansuah a theih ding ruangah kan zate telkimnak ramthukhel thurelkhawmnak neih ding lawng hi PPST cun a zuam ding thu, a rel fawn.

Sagaing ramthen, ဒီပဲယင်း peng, လက်ယက်ကုန်း tlawnginn kahnak le Kachin ramkulh, Phakan peng, A Nang Pa khua vanzam ih bomb thlak a sinak hin ramthukhel relkhawmnak hrangah beidongza rori a si, tiah PPST cun an sim.

Hitivekin ramthukhel le raldonak rawicok nawn lo dingin PPST cun October 27-28 tuahmi tonkhawmnak ah an rel tel.

SAC ralhrang mangpa Min Aung Hlaing cun tualsung hriamhrei kai pawl ‘ralhrang’ tiin hmin a putter vekin ramthukhel tonkhawmnak ah sawm lamlam loin rawtcimih an si ding, tiah 2022, March 27 ah thu a suah dah.

Ethnic armed groups set to discuss fourth Panglong | The Myanmar Times

Cuvekin NUG le PDF lam khalin Min Aung Hlaing Kaihruai SAC cu ‘Ralhrang’ tiin thu an suah ve.

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