NUG in ralhrang hruangkulh sungih ‘Dawnfawh’ pawl a sawm

FILE PHOTO: A soldier uses a mobile phone as he sit inside a military vehicle outside Myanmar's Central Bank during a protest against the military coup, in Yangon, Myanmar, February 15, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

SAC ralhrang hruangkulh sungih mipi lamtang ralkap (ဖရဲသီး) pawl NUG in lawmman pe dingin a sawm hai

SAC ralhrang kuttang ihsin dothlengtu pawl hnenah thuhla simthei theutu mipi lamtang (ဖရဲသီး) tiih kawhmi pawl cu NUG acozah in lawmman pe dingin December 20 ah sawmnak thu a suah.

Dothlengnak nasa sinsin ih fehpi ding a si ruangah mipi lamtang miraltha (ဖရဲသီး) pawl cu NUG acozah, Defense Ministry zung cun tuvekin a sawmnak a si.

Harsatnak a phunphun ruangah CDM tuah thei lo, ralbawi pawl, palik pawl, Department tinkim ih hnatuantu pawl cu mipi hnenah thuthang sim theutu (ဖရဲသီး) dinhmun ih dothlengnak ih tel cio dingah NUG in sawmnak a nei.

May be an image of 3 people, people sitting and outdoors

Dawnfawh (ဖရဲသီး) timi ih sullam cu lenglam hring, sunglam sen tinak a si ih lenglam langdan ahcun ralhrang bangih hring, sunglam nun ahcun NLD vekih sen, tinak tluk a si.

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