MMA arsi note Victoria Lee kum 18, mualliam

One Championship ih Atomweight ah ruahsannak sang zet thawn hmin sertu MMA arsi note Victoria Lee cu kum 18 fangte si in mual a liam, tiah theih a si.

No description available.

Mual a liam thu hi a unu Angela Lee in Instagram ah January 8 ah mipi theihternak a nei.

Lehpan thuthang suahnak ESPN  cun Victoria Lee cu 2022, December 26 ah US, Hawaii tikulh ah mual a liam, tiah a tarlang ih ziangruangbikah a thi, timi lawngte an tarlang lo.

No description available.

ONE Championship Fighter Aungla Nsang khalin Victoria thih thu ah a tuarpinak a langter. Victoria Lee hi Singapore cikuang, US ih suak a si ih MMA Fighter Christian Lee le Angela Lee tei’ naunu a si.

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