Mipi thawngtel in hlawnthil hawl in lei an lai, ralhrang in an va hnoksak

Mipi thawngtel in Sagaing ramthen, Wetlet peng, Htan Gyi khua ih loram sungah hlanlai hlawnthil le thil mankhung a um, tiin leilung an lai ciamco.

May be an image of palm trees, sky and text that says 'REDMI NOTE REDMINOTE8 8 BY DHAMMAMARMAKA 2022/7/15 10:14'

Hi thu hi SAC ralhrang in an theih veten July 18, zinglam nazi 4 ah ralhrang thazang 70 hrawngin motor pahnih khatin an luhcilh lohli, tiah theih a si.

SAC ralhrang pawl cu phungki tlawng ah an thumaw ih khuami pawl ih hlawnthil an laihnak kiang khalah an va thumaw, tiah an sim.

Khuami pakhat cun hitin a rel.

“Hlawnthil laih thu Facebook ih an post ruangah ralhrang in an thei ih in ra hnaihnok phah.

Thenkhat cun hlawnthil cuai 3 an laih ngah thu thuthang ah an post ih a darh thluh. Curuangah ralhrang an ra luhnak a si,” tiah Wetlet khuami pakhat cun a sim.

May be an image of 5 people, people standing, tree and sky

Sagaing ramthen, Shwebo pengpi, Wetlet peng sung, Htan Gyi khua ahhin hlanlai hlawnthil, ruhrel, sui le ngun, lungmankhung le sai lem pawl a um tiin nitin minung thawngtel in leilung an lai ih thla khat zikte an lai thlang, tiah theih a si.

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