Mipi ralkap pakhat in nunliam

December 15 ah Tanintharyi ramthen, Tayetchaung (သရက်ချောင်း) peng, Daung Min ဒေါင်းမင် Column ih sungtel kum 19 mi Ko Lay Phyu @ Leik Suan timi cu mine puak sual ruangah a nun a liam, tiah theih a si.

May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and tree

“SAC ralhrang do dingin mine an kam rero laiah a puak sual. Atufang sumpai harsat ruangah le thilri harsat ruangah mahte in cangvaih a si ih a tihnung zet,” tiah Daung Min Column ih tuanvoneitu cun a sim.

Ko Lay Phyu cu December 16 ah a innsang hnenah a thih thu simtheih a si ih an vuiliam, tiah theih a si.

May be an image of 1 person

Mine cangsualnak ih thi, Ko Lay Phyu hi Daung Min Column din thok ihsin a tel ih atu vekin paraltha pakhat an sunral ruangah a rualpi pawl an thin a nuam lo zet.

Ko Lay Phyu ih nunpeknak cangcawi in Daung Min Column cun SAC ralhrang dothlengnak nasa sinsin an neih ding thu ca an suah.

May be an image of flower and outdoors

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