Mipa rual in tleirawl nute an velh bor

Iraq bike mawn zuamawknak hmun ah tleirawl kum 17 nute cu a sinfen hruhmi a hirha tuk ih mipa thinlung a cokbuai tiin mipa rual in an hual ih an velh luihlo, tiah Daily Mail in a tarlang.

A teenage girl was chased and attacked by a group of men

Hi thil hi December 30 ih thleng a si ih video khal a darh cak zet.

Iraq ram, Kurdistan Region ih thleng a si ih tleirawl nute cu angki sung hruk dum le skrit cing zet a hruh ruangah mipa rual in an mitkem tuk.

Mipa rual in an cim luihlo lai mi pakhat in TikTok ah a thlah. Tleirawl nute cu mibur umkhawmnak ihsin a tlansuak ih a dung ihsin mipa rual kutthlak cak zetin an thlun.

She appeared to hold a tissue to her face while trying to run away

Tleirawl nute hi Iran rammi a si ih mangbang ih a tlansuah laiah phone in an zuk ih tongkam borhbah zetin an auh rero.

Mibur lak ihsin mipa pakhat in a tawcor ah a sit. Tleirawl nute cu a hmaiih ding motor parah a let vulvo thei.

Tleirawl nute cu Bike mawn zuamawknak hmun ihsin tlanhlo dingin an dil celcel, tiah tualsung thuthang cun an tarlang.

Asinan mibur umkhawmnak ihsin a tlansuah asile a dungthlun ih that duhtu an tam tuk, tiah an sim.

May be an image of 4 people

Anih hi a ngaizawng thawn hi hmun ih feh an si, tiah theih a si.

Atu ahcun tleirawl nute kutthlaktu mipa 16 kaih an si ih an hnen ihsin nam le meithal khal an laksak thu palik in an sim.

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