Min Aung Hlaing in tlangpar hriamhrei kai pawl tongaw dingin a sawmsal

SAC mangpa Min Aung Hlaing thawn tonawk duh lotu tlangpar hriamhrei kai EAOs pawl thawn tonawknak um thei dingin SAC ralhrang cun a vei hnihnak sawmngiarnak a neisal.

NCA-signatory ethnic groups at odds over convening JICM | The Myanmar Times

Laihnawng SAC ralhrang mangpa Min Aung Hlaing thawn tonawk duh lonak thusuah tuahtu tlangpar hriamhrei kai pawlkom EAOs pawl cu tongawknak um thei dingah SAC ralhrang cun a vei hnihnak caan remcang a ong ih June 30 ah hminpe dingin theihternak a suahsal.

SAC ralhrang mangpa Min Aung Hlaing ih sawmnak vekin April 22 ah a vei khatnak sawmnak cu pawlkom 10 sungah 6 in hmin an pe ih an tonawk zo thu, pawlkom 4 pawl thawn khal tongawk theinak nei dingin a tharthawhsal thu, tonawk duhtu tlangpar hriamhrei kai pawl cun June 30 caan bikhiah in hminpek a theih ding thu Min Aung Hlaing cun theihternak a neisal.

Hmaisa sawmnak ah KNU, KIA, KNPP, CNA, AA, TNLA, MNDAA pawl cun Min Aung Hlaing ton an tum lo thu ca an rak suah.

Ethnic Militias Decide Not to Sign Myanmar Government's Cease-fire  Agreement β€” Radio Free Asia

Hi sawmnak hi Min Aung Hlaing le ralhrang uknak hngetkhohter dingih cangvaihnak men a si ih a dikdawhmi remdaihnak taktak hawlsuak dingah ruahsannak a um lo thu tlangpar hriamhrei pawl cun thusuahnak an nei.


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