Mikhual pahnih in Taxi driver an that

Yangon ramthen, ထောက်ကြန့် peng ah December 1 ah mikhual 2 cun an hmanmi Taxi Driver an that ih a motor an laksak, tiah theih a si.

No description available.

December 1, simlam nazi 4 hrawngah Taxi Gate ih kum 30 mi, Taxi driver cu a motor sang dingmi mi pahnih in an bia ih လှော်ကား lamah an feh.

Lamzin ahcun mikhual 2 cun Taxi driver cu a hngawng ah nam in an dawt that ih a ruak cu lamzin ah an tulthlak ta ih a motor an laksak, tiah theih a si.

An thahmi Taxi Driver hi nupi fanau nei a si ih a fa kum 10, kum 1 mi le a nupi cawm in Taxi mawng theutu a si, tiah tlawmngai pawlkom in an sim.

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