Manhla zetin Argentina in World Cup Trophy cawi

World Cup 2022 Final cu December 18 zan ah Champion tum veve Argentina le France an sitaw ih Argentina in caan pek bet hnu Penalty ah an neh.

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Caan hmaisa minute 23 ah Argentina suanvawr Messi in Penalty a sit goal ih minute 36 ah Di Maria in goal 1 a thun bet. Argentina (2), France (0) tiin caan hmaisa minute 45 a cem.

Caan neta ah France lam khal tha thlah duh riai loin an lek ih minute 80 ah Mbappe in Penalty a sit goal ve.

Cumi hnu mitthep man hlan, minute 81 ah Mbappe thotho cun goal 1 a thun lala ih lek caan minute 90 cem tiang an duhtawk-aw.

Caan pek bet minute 30 sungah Argentina ihsin Messi in minute 108 ah a goal-sal ih ‘ka tum maw ruh, saruh’ tiin Mbappe in caan cemzawng minute 118 ah Penalty in a sut lala. 3-3 in caan a cem.

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Penalty an sit ih Argentina in neh in an champion ta riai.

Hi zuamawknak ah Messi in lekthiam bik lawmman sui bawhlung a ngah. Mbappe in goal tam bik lawmman sui boot a ngah ih Argentina goal kil Emi Martinez in sui kut a ngah.

Young Player thiambik lawmman Argentina suakthuan Enzo Fernandez kum 21 in a ngah.

Hi tei’ ram hnih hi World Cup vei hnih veve Champion zo an si ih Argentina in an neh ruangah vei thum an champion tinak a si.

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Argentina hi 1978 le 1986 ah an rak champion dah ih kum 36 rei hnu lawngah a vei thumnak Trophy an cawi theisal.


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