Leihnuai pipe line sungih tla Myanmar nauhak an runsuak

Thailand Mae Sot peng, Krillat khawte ih leihnuai pipe lung sungih tla Myanmar nauhak pakhat cu nazi 20 zikte an buaipi hnuah himdamten an runsuak ngah zo, tiah Thai thuthang in an than.

May be an image of text that says 'อีจัน'

Hi Myanmar nauhak hi February 6, simlam nazi 4:50 ah tikhur pipe line sungah a tla ih tuni February 7 zinglam nazi 9 ah Thailand runhimnak hnatuantu pawl in an runsuak ngah, tiah an tarlang.

Myanmar nauhak hi kum 1 le thla 7 fang ih upa မသဇင်မွှေး timi nute a si ih thlaicinnak hmuan ih an laihmi  tikhur pipe sungah a tla, tiah theih a si.

May be an image of 7 people, outdoors and text that says 'อีจัน'

Atu ahcun Thailand thuneitu pawl in nauhak nute cu sizung ah an tuamhlawm, tiah Thai thuthang in an tarlang.

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