KIA le PDF tangrual in ralhrang 3 an kai, doawknak sosang

KACHIN STATE, MYANMAR - 2011/07/19: A soldier from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) jumps from a the roof of a bunker in a frontline camp. With 6,000 troops, the KIA is one of the best organized and equipped armed ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar). In 1994, the KIA signed a cease-fire agreement with the Burmese junta. In April 2009, in the perspective of the November 7, 2010 general elections, the government ordered to the cease-fire ethnic groups to transform themselves into Border Guard Forces. Some grou

Phakan ah KIA le PDF tangrual in ralhrang 3 an kai, doawknak sosang.

December 5 ah Phakan peng, မှော်ပုံ khua ah thlingthlatu SAC ralhrang 3 cu KIA le PDF tangrual in an kai.

“Annih 3 hi mipi menmen vekin hnipuan an hruh ih kan mino pawl in an kai. SAC ralhrang lamin an theih veten doaw dingin an ra pok cih.

Lamzin in kan rak bawh ih boruak a ttang nasa,” tiah KIA le PDF tangrual ih thuphuangtu cun a sim.

Ralhrang lam hin khawsung lamah pukpi an kah ruangah မှော်ပုံ khawmi pawl hmun him lamah an tlan thluh, tiah Phakan khawmi pakhat in a rel.

Hi kahawknak ah SAC ralhrang an tuar na zet ih thi le hlo an tam zet.

No description available.

KIA hin ralhrang thawn an doawk tikah thuhla fiangfai zetin an sim dah lo ih hi doawknak khalah ralhrang 80 hrawng an si, ti lawng an tarlang.


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