Japan In Oxygen Thawl 700 Le Mina Phur Motor 14 Myanmar A Bawm Ding

Covid-19 suar thumnak ih a nuaimi Myanmar mipi thihhu sual rero pawl hrangah United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) fehtlang in Japan ram cu Oxygen thawl 700 le mina phurhnak motor 14 a bom ding thu July 21 ah Japan ramdang palai in a sim.

Covid crisis deepens in junta-ruled Myanmar | The Interpreter

2021, June thla ihsin tuni tiang Myanmar ram mipi in Covid-19 suar thumnak an tuar rero laifang a si ih nitin mithi a thuahthuah ih an um ruangah bom an tulzia Japan hin a theih ruangih bawm a si, tiah a ti.

Hiti a bom ruangah SAC ralhrang thapeknak thawn zianghman pehparawknak a um lo ih (UNOPS) hmalaknak somdawl duhnak thawn Japan hin bomnak a pek thu a tarlang fawn.

UNOPS hin Myanmar mipi cop le cilh ih an hman theinak dingah Yangon ramthen ih Harhdamnak zung ah direct in thilri a kuat ding thu le mina phur motor 14 lawngte hmunkip ih sivai lam pawlkom hnenah tuanvo a pek ding thu a rel.

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