India cithlah in  British Prime Minister a tuan ding

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 31: Conservative leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak speaks during the final Tory leadership hustings at Wembley Arena on August 31, 2022 in London, England. Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak are vying to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and the UK's next Prime Minister. The winner of the contest will be announced on Monday. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

British rampi Chief Secretary to the Treasury rak tuan dahtu India cithlah Hindu sakhua bia, Rishi Sunak cu the Conservative Party ih hotu thar ah Parliament Party Committee Chairman ih a nemhngeh zo bangin Mr. Rishi Sunak in British Prime Minister a tuan ding, tinak a si.

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Tu-ahcun UK ramthukhel thuanthu ah India cithlah ihsin British PM tuan hmaisabik a si ding.

Conservative Party hotu zuamawknak ah Penny Mordaunt cun MP 100 ih lungkimnak a hmuh lo ruangah zuamawknak ihsin a hnukdawkaw. Curuangah Mr. Rishi Sunak cu lungkimpitu MP 200 zikte nei in zuamtu nei nawn loah a cang ih Party hotu sinak a co, tiah theih a si.

Mr. Rishi Sunak hi PM hlun Boris Johnson san laiah rampi sumpai kiltu Minister a si ih leitlun pulhhri a len laiah rampi nuntu khawsaknak tlamtlingten tuakto theitu a si.

Kum 42 mi Mr. Rishi Sunak hi British ram ah ramthukhel neinung bik a si vekin British san thuanthu ah PM nauhak bik khal a si ding.

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Rishi Sunak cu tuni October 25 ah Siangpahrang Charles in PM ah lomluhnak le nemhngehnak a nei ding.


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