Hmuan khur a lai ih Gas pipe a sawh pop (video)

Hmunram hruangkulhnak ding leikhur laitu pa cu cet in leikhur a laih rero laiah Gas pipe line a vun sawh pop ih cangsualnak a thleng.

A builder, left, is hurled into the air by a gas pipe explosion while installing a fence. (Reach)

Thilthlennak hmun hi UK ram, Derbyshire peng Wessington khua ah a si ih June 21 ih thilthleng a si.

Hi pa hi a hmin tarlang a si lo ih hmunram kaupi nei in inn sak lam contractor a si, tiah an sim.

Cet hmang in hruangkulhnak ding leikhur a laih rero laiah a cek hmanmi cun leilung a vun sawh ih Gas pipe a cun sawh pop.

Gas cu a hung puak ih a kiangkap khal a khu luihlo thei. Video zoh a theih>>>

Asinan vanthat ah milai cu siatsuahaw loin a tlansuak man.

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