February ihsin SAC cu “Guardian Government” tiah thlengh ding

February ah SAC ralhrang in hmin thar a thlengh ding.

No description available.

February 1 ah Myanmar rampi thuneihnak latu SAC ralhrang mangpa Min Aung Hlaing in ukawk daan thar thawn hmin thar a thlengh ding, tiah theih a si ih himi ruangah ralhrang hotu thenkhat an lu a zing, tiah Naypyidaw ih ralhrang hruangkulh thuthang in theih a si.

“State Adiministration Council” ‘SAC timi hmin cu Januay 30 ah phiahhlo a si dingih hmin thar, ukawk daan thar le sungtel thar thlakthlengh-awknak a um ding.

Ziang a cang vivo ding ti relcia a theih lo. Tui’ January thla cem ah thuhla tawkfang cu theih a theih ding,” tiah ralhrang sumdawnnak MEC ih hotu pakhat in a rel. Anih cun thuhla cipciar ih rellang a ngam lo ih, “Guardian Government” timi a si ko,” tiah a sim.

SAC ralhrang hotu lamih mi pakhat cun tui’ thla cem cun a hnatuan a cemcih ve ding thu a rel ve.

No description available.

2023, Februay 1 khi SAC ralhrang in rampi thuneihnak an lak kum hnih kimnak cam a si.

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