Chin Federation Army (CFA) din fel a si ih hotu pawl hrilnak an nei

July thla laiah khan Chin hreihriam kai pawlkom pakhat Chin Federation Army (CFA) cu din a si zo nan, cangvaihnak hmuh ding ngaingai a um lo.

May be an image of one or more people, people sitting and people standing

Asinan mani September 14 ah official in CFA hotu pawl tarlangnak an nei ih himi hi anmah page ih an tarlangmi a si.

Ram sung ramleng ih Chinmi ramkhel lamih a cangvaimi pawl meeting thurelkhawmnak bung (14) bangtukin Chin Federation Army cu dinfel a si thu le hruaitu pawl khal tlamtling zetin an hril, tiah thu an than.

CFA hruaitu pawl cu: Salai Mupi (Chairman), Salai Nwe Aung (Vice Chairman), Salai Nay Lah (Secretary), Salai Kyia Lay (Financial), Salai Ngai Ling (ram sung, ramleng pehtlaihtu), Salai Nang Pa (atu an dinnak hmun ih tuanvoneitu) pawl an si.

Chin miphun sung ihsin hreihriam kai pawlkom an suak hnuaihni thlang ih CNF/A, ZRO/ZRA, CNO/CNDF le CFA pawl an si.

No photo description available.

Chin Federation Army hi thlanglam Laitlang lamih dinmi a si ih mipum ziangzat an si, ziangvekin an cangvai tivek pawl theih le hmuh ding a um hrih lo.

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