AA hnenah Maraland Defense Force (MDF) a ṭum 2nk Training ṭhehsuak

Maraland Defense Force, AA hnenah a ṭum 2nk Training thehsuak, tiah theih a si.

May be an image of 4 people and people standing

Arakan Army (AA) hnenah a ttum 2nak training an thehsuak thu Maraland defense Force cun December 6 ah thu an than.

Hi training ahhin Maraland Defense Force ihsin ralkap 150 an kai ih hramthok ((Basic Military) traning thla thum, ramzuk zoh ih ralrel dan thla khat tiin thla 4 sung training an kai ih December 6 ah training an thehsuak thei.

Training a kai laiah MDF ralkap pakhat cu thinghnge in a tlak ngah ruangah a nunnak a liam, tiah tuanvoneitu cun a sim.

‘Training kan thehsuak zo vekin ralhrang do ding kan si thlang. AA hnenah ral kan do dingih kan tulsammi ralthuam in pe dingin kan zum.

Ralthuam in pek ngah in CNA hnenah training kan kaisal ding,” tiah MDF ih sungtel pakhat cun a sim.

May be an image of 7 people and people standing

Maraland Defense Force hi Mara ramsung le Chin ramkulh ih SAC ralhrang pawl dawisuak dingah le Mara miphun ih nunnak, inn le lo kilkhawi phah in mah le ukawknak ngah tiang raldo dingah Mara mipi tonkhawmnak ih an dinpi pawlkom a si, tiah theih a si.

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