A Nobel Medal zuar in inn le lo nei lo nauhak pawl a bawm ding

Kum 2021 Nobel Peace Prize ngahtu Russia thuthang editor Dmitry Muratov cun Ukraine ram buainak ruangih inn le lo nei lo, nauhak pawl bomnak hrangah a laksawng ngahmi Nobel Medal cu lilam in a zuar.

Russian Journalist Muratov To Auction Nobel Medal

Dmitry Muratov ih Nobel Medal cu June 20, Regufee’s Day ah US, New York khawpi ah lilam a si ih US Dollar 103.5 million in a zuar ngah.

Hi sumpai cu Russia in Ukraine a siim ruangah Ukraine nauhak inn le lo nei lo ih vakvai pawl bomnak hrangah a pe ding, tiah theih a si.

Muratov hin 1991 ahkhan independent newspapers ‘Novaya Gazeta’ timi a rak din ih Philippines thuthang ngantu Maria Ressa thawn 2021 ah Nobel Peace Prize laksawng an ngah tlang.

Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auctions his Nobel Prize, to give proceeds for displaced Ukrainian children

Muratov ih ‘Novaya Gazeta’ thuthang ah Russia president Putin le acozah a soisel natsat tuk ruangah le Russia in Ukraine ram a siimnak pawl a ngan ruangah hrinhronak a dong ih March thla ihsin a thuthang suah a cawlhsan.

Muratov ih Nobel Medal lilam ih a ngahmi sumpai hi rin hnakin a tam zet ih a hlan Nobel Medal rak lilamtu pawl hnakin a ngah tam sawn, tiah US thuthang pawl in an ngan.

A ngahmi sumpai ihsin tingnga cu tlawmngai pawlkom hnenah a hlu ding, tiah theih a si.

Peace Prize winner Muratov accuses Russia of barbarism - Norway Today

Hitin lilam a tuahnak hi kum 2000 laiah a thuthang Novaya Gazeta ih cangantu mi 6 rori thah an si ruangah anmah hmincawi in lilam a tuahnak san a si, tiah a rel.

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