A hmuihmel siat le a pawhte tum tuk ruangah vanzam to awih loin an ṭumter

Model hminthang pakhat cu a pawhte Kg. 10 lai ih rit a neih ruangah vanzam to an awih lo ih an ṭumtersal, tiah Daily News cun a tarlang.

Model with 'world's fattest vagina' goes to church ahead of surgery - CELEBRITY GIG MAGAZINE

Canada ram, Toronto khawpi ih khawsa kum 25 mi model Mary Magdalene cu May 31 ahkhan Canada ihsin USA, Dallas khawpi pan dingin Airport ah a feh.

Vanzam man hi Canada tangka CAD 4000 in a lei ih asinan vanzam sung a kai tikah vanzam hnaṭuan pawl cun an siang lo ih an ṭumtersal. Amah cun vanzam ihsin an ṭumternak san cu earphone a bun ruangah an biak lai a thei lo ih vanzam security hrangah an huphurh ruangih tumter, tiin a rel.

A ngaingaite cun a hmuihmel siat le a pawhte tum tuk ruangah a si, tiah an sim cio.

Emergency exit: Social media star Mary Magdalene (pictured) claims that she was thrown off a flight for looking 'too explicit'

Mary Magdalene hi vanzam ih a kai hlanah Airport ih bathroom ah zuk mak zetzet a zuk ta. A pawhte arh lenlen le a hmur bak hliohlio, a bawcor uk lenlen pawl a selfie ciamco ta. Anih hin Instagram ah Follower tingkhat lenglo a nei ih a zukmi cu a Instagram ahcun a post ciamco ta.

Vanzam ihsin an tumter tikah vanzam hnatuantu pawl a camriam ta, tiah a simtu an um.

In her own world: Mary filmed herself posing and preening in the bathroom mirror as airport workers and passengers walked in and out

Mary Magdalene hin a pawhte tumter dingah US Dollar 150, 000 cem in plastic surgery a tuah, tiah theih a si.

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