KNDO bomb thlaktu ralhrang Fighter vanzam sungah vate a lut ih a Engine a siat

Karen ramkulh, Myawaddy peng, SAC ralhrang sakhan Ukritha sakhan cu KNDO, KNLA le PDF tangrual in an kah hron ciamco.

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SAC ralhrang lam cun tlunvan lam ihsin vanzam in a kap, bomb a thlak ih ni 4 sungah doawknak a sosang zet.

Tuni June 29 ah SAC ralhrang ih Fighter vanzam YAK-130 cu bomb thlak ih a kirnak lamah a Engine sungah vate a lut ih hmantlak nawn loin a siat, tiah Operation Spitfire hnen ihsin thuthup theih a si.

June 26 ihsin thok Ukritha ralhrang sakhan siim hna cu Lieutenant Colonel Saw Salone ih hohanak in KNDO Special Commando Battalion, Major Saw Win Myint ih Special Force Venom le Captain Da Boah homi KNLA Cobra ral hmaituang te pawl tangrual in an kap hruan.

SAC ralhrang lam khal thih ṭan in ṭan an khawh ih tlunvan lam ihsin vanzam ih kah le bomb thlak in doawknak a sosang zet.

Tuni June 29 ah Ukritha sakhan kiangih bomb ra thlatu SAC ralhrang ih YAK-130 Fighter cu a Engine sungah vate a lut ih Hmawbi lamah a kirsal.

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Atu dinhmun ah Fighter vanzam cu a Engine a siat ih hman a thlak nawn lo thu, Hmawbi Airforce ahhin YAK-130 Fighter vanzam 6 a um ih pakhat a siat ruangah 5 lawng a tan thu theih a si.

“Ukritha sakhan siimtu pawl bomb va thlaktu YAK-130 Fighter vanzam engine sungah vate lut. Himi hi a tumzawng ah asi. Hmawbi ah vanzam cu tumter a si. Hman a thlak nawn lo.

Mizan zan nazi 12 tiang Fighter vanzam ih bomb thlak dingah timlam a si nan, nikhua a siat ruangah an kirsal,” tiah Operation Spitfire cun an sim.

YAK-130 Fighter vanzam hi Russia kutsuak a si ih pakhatah US Dollar 15million in Myanmar ralhrang in a lei. Myanmar ahhin YAK 130 Fighter vanzam 18 um ih zum a si. Hmawbi ahcun 6 a um ih tui ta a siat ruangah 5 lawng a tang, tinak a si.

YAK-130 Fighter vanzam hi tlangpar hriamhrei kai pawl bomb thlaknak ah SAC ralhrang cun a hman bikmi a si.

Min Aung Hlang in Russia hnenah 2015 laiah khan a lei ih cakhan an tuah hnuah 2017 ah vanzam 3 a ra thleng.

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Cun, 2021, December ah YAK-130 Fighter vanzam an lei zat 18 a ra thleng kim, tiah theih a si.

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