Ṭial Thang ih a thong dingmi Philippines pa hi zovek a si?

A ra dingmi December 3, 2022 ih One Championship zuamawknak ah Chinpa Tial Thang a thong ding, tiah theih a si.

Jeremy Pacatiw ("The Juggernaut") | MMA Fighter Page | Tapology

Philippine khawpi Manila ih tuah dingmi ahhin Chinpa Salai Tial Thang cu inntek Philippines mi Jeremy Pacatiaw kum 26 thawn an thongaw ding.

Jeremy Pacatiaw hi puai 5 a sung zo ih puai 10 ah nehnak cotu a si. Tial Thang hnakin a kum a nauta deuh nan, tontehmi a nei tam sawn, tinak a si.


Chinpa Tial Thang kum 28 hi One Championship ah vei 5 a thong zo ih vei 3 nehnak co in vei 1 a sung. 2022, February 11 ah Indonesia mi Sunoto thawn an thongaw ih neh lo, sung loin cawlhter a si.


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